Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics at Axminster currently offers 4 selected groups for those children who we feel have the correct attitude and physical potential to do competitive gymnastics. Entry to all groups is via a trial and the ability to meet the set criteria. These groups are split into the following:


1.5 hr – 2hrs training for girls aged 5+ 

These groups are for children to progress along an advanced recreational route and compete locally on 2 or 3 pieces out of Floor, Vault, Trampette + Beam. They are split into Beginner Intermediate, Standard Intermediate and Advanced Intermediate with different skill criteria for each group

Boys Competition

2 training for boys age 7+

This group trains on floor, vault + trampette and the boys are able to compete locally in competitions of this apparatus as well as tumbling competitions.


2.25 hours training (girls and boys aged 6-16yrs)

This is a performance based group who spend all their time working on floor skills, flexibility and strength work specifically on routine work for shows and displays which includes some pair and group work.

They will participate in a number of displays or shows per year and may get additional opportunity to do individual competition on a variety of apparatus.

Womens Artistic

4 – 13.5 hours training (for girls aged 6+)

These groups are for children who are working towards or are part of our women’s artistic squad. A hard but rewarding discipline of gymnastics in which the children must develop skills over all apparatus to be able to compete on all four pieces.

They aim towards individual and team competitions involving all apparatus and work towards novice, county and regional events and in the future possibly national levels.

Please ensure you have read our Covid-19 Polices and Procedures


Fees will be discussed personally with individuals as they are potentially selected for certain groups.