Gymnastics for All

Gymnastics For All is the provision for all ages and abilities. We currently offer classes for all ages from children who are walking to adults in tots and pre school gymnastics, recreational, teen and adult gymnastics.

All children get to train on:

  • Floor,
  • Vault
  • Beam
  • Bars
  • Trampette

They work towards the British Gymnastics award scheme badges. All recreational children receive the chance to perform in our annual show and all school age children get the chance to be part of our annual club competition.

Please ensure you have read our Covid-19 Polices and Procedures


Once you have been to two pay as you go taster sessions. All our class fees are payable in termly blocks or by monthly standing order.

Taster session

After the two taster sessions membership to British Gymnastics is also required at a cost of £13 per year for pre-school and £19 per year for all school age and above.

Our club membership fee is £12 and is added onto your first block of fees. (renewal 1st June)

Class Fees:

  • Tots = £4 per 40 min class
  • Pre School and some 4-6yrs sessions = £4.50 per 45 min class
  • Some 4-6 yrs, and all older ages = £6 per 60min class
  • Some 10-17yrs sessions = £7.50 per 75min class
  • Adults 18+ sessions = £6 per 60min class


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